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AcroYoga in LA – So Much Sitting

AcroYoga with Chris Filkins

“So Much Sitting”

Friday April 29, 2016

So much sitting up in here. Pelvic floor. Core. So much strength in sitting. How fast can we move in a sit? Where can we go leaning back into it?

This week at Westside Acro we have a new spinny machine called “Sitting Skimmer” to explore plus a whole bunch of tough calibrations to prepare you for all of this spinning.

This washing machine is the fastest thing I have ever written. It’s like when nuclear fission was first discovered and the scientists were worried that the entire atmosphere would burn off in one fell swoop if they actually made it into a bomb. We don’t know how fast this thing can go but I guarantee you it can go faster than you ever imagined. All of those I have shared it with go immediately into high giggle mode as they fly it. You will too! SO much fun!

Be prepared to be challenged. Be prepared to feel it the next day. Be prepared for hours afterwards to say to yourself OMG I had no idea my core could do such a thing. It’s gonna be good.

Westside Acro at Laughing Frog Yoga this Friday night at 730PM. Bring your sweet self, your partner if you got em (don’t worry if you don’t – we got lots), some water, a smile and a mat. It’ll be a good time.

We hold the space until 1030PM.

Come to find out why after 3+ years Westside is still going strong. 40+ plus top teachers have come through our studio to share movement from all over the world and many of the top local teachers here in LA started out studying with us here at Westside. I was looking the other day at our records and found over 500 local monkeys have been students here. Many of them have been in classes 40-90 times over the years. Please come this Friday to find out why.

Please use the link above to reserve your seat. The more who sign up in advance the faster we get started on Friday night. We are regularly getting 25 people in the room and it takes a while to get everyone signed in. So the sooner you do it the better.

We meet here at 730PM

Laughing Frog Yoga
12217 Santa Monica Blvd #205
Los Angeles, CA 90025

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