Teeter - AcroYoga w/Chris Filkins

AcroYoga in LA – Teeter

AcroYoga with Chris Filkins


Friday January 13, 2017

Back once again with a renegade master! Westside Acro returns with an exploration of moving weight from here to there and then moving weight from there to here. And then later we will make triangles and pour weight into them as well. And there will be exhaustion and goodness in the world and everyone will rejoice.

Oh and there will also be a machine. A glorious machine which will make all of us happy even though we are too tired to do the machine. It will be a machine on a hillside in a distance we will get to one day. Unless it’s Friday night January 13 and then we will just own this shit.

So come. Get conditioned. Learn technique. Discuss the finer points of support and trust with your peers.

Also one armed flags. Everyone has to do one arm flags. We must! Seriously.

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