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Westside Acro at Create Yoga

Reserve your seat for the next Westside Acro class this Friday.

In January of 2018 we moved our Friday evening classes to 34 North in Santa Monica on Lincoln Blvd.

We’ve moved to a new studio at Create Yoga in Santa Monica! This wonderful space has been very supportive and is full of lovely people. Selah, Marissa, & Jenn are wonderful to work with and very receptive to collaboration. The Westside Acro community pledges to maintain a safe, clean, & responsible shift when we use the studios at Create Yoga. Please do your part.

Westside Acro formerly operated out of Laughing Frog Yoga on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Los Angeles. Due to a change of ownership in the studio it became clear more positive environments awaited and so in the fall of 2016, after almost four years of being associated with LFY, Westside Acro moved down the road into Santa Monica at Create Yoga.

Following is a list of classes offered within the Create Yoga studios.

  • AcroYoga in LA – Teeter January 9, 2017
    Back once again with a renegade master! Westside Acro returns with an exploration of moving weight from here to there and then moving weight from there to here. And then later we will make triangles and pour weight into them as well.
  • Westside Acro’s 4th Anniversary Bad Acro Mannequin Challenge December 12, 2016
    Westside Acro's 4th Anniversary Bad Acro Mannequin Challenge presented to you by Brian Green, Neil Camaro, Brad Goldman, all the monkeys at Westside Acro and myself. So much fun!
  • Westside Acro Turns 4! December 6, 2016
    A Clumsy Adventure 4 - Westside Acro Turns 4!
  • AcroYoga in LA – Get a Grip January 3, 2017
    Westside Acro returns to begin the new year with some strong flyer work you might enjoy the crap out of. Some of you might have attended my workshop at AcroLove this past weekend. This class Friday night at 8pm won't include the same content but it follows in the same lines of finding strength and comfort on arms through some pretty intense transitions.
  • AcroYoga in LA – Roots & Leaves December 1, 2016
    Back once again with a renegade master! This week Westside Acro returns with more hard work as we explore rooting down into the ground to foster stability and grow strength.
  • AcroYoga in LA – Reps & Zen November 15, 2016
    Westside Acro is back this week with some new pass the flyer choreos as well as deep training in shoulderstand transitions, more boomarang work, more on spins and maybe, if we have time, a bit of slacker love.
  • AcroYoga in LA – Wheels November 8, 2016
    This week we will explore Catherine's Wheel in all of its glory. In doing this we will be opening up our toolkit of progressive transitions into and out of this space.
  • AcroYoga in LA – Resolve & Revolve October 21, 2016
    Westside Acro is moving to a new beautiful space just down the street. We are now at Create Yoga at the intersection of 28th Street and Santa Monica Blvd in sunny Santa Monica!
  • AcroYoga in LA – That Chocolate October 28, 2016
    Westside Acro is back once again with a renegade master! This week we continue our work on spinning, calibrations towards more handstands, strong flyer work, and basic badassery!
  • AcroYoga in LA – Steps November 5, 2016
    Westside Acro is back once again with a renegade master! This week we explore more thuts and balances and flows and break down some fun machines to deepen your practice and grow your awareness. I hope everyone has been working on their homework from the last couple of weeks.

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