Inverted Pindasana - AcroYoga w/ Chris Filkins

Inverted Pindasana

This is an inverted pindasana. Leah Irwin is our spot while Emily Reuman and I do the lifting and holding. This pose is extremely difficult and quite dangerous but the inverted pindasana is a pretty amazing piece of work.

Notes: This pose is more appropriately called an “inverted modified garbha pindasana.” This is part of a series of poses which compel me greatly: bound poses. A bound pose is when the flyer holds themselves in such a way that they are binding their body in position. The most commonly known AcroYoga pose which fits this criteria is the hangle dangle pose. While most practitioners don’t explore much in the way of bound poses I am completely fascinated by them and am always working to increase my understanding and facility with these kinds of poses. They can be thrilling to base and fly.