LA Acro Fest

Los Angeles has been a hub for partner acrobatics worldwide since our first jam began in 1934 at what is now the Original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica California. Brought to you by the team that builds the Burning Man theme camp Swing City the LA Acro Fest is a first for the Los Angeles area and designed to create a uniquely Los Angeles experience. We aim to give practitioners throughout the Southern California communities the opportunity to both train with world-class teachers as well as work with local standouts who already teach in our local communities. We hope this event will be the first of a yearly tradition of building our communities. We are all extremely excited to learn, grow, and play together.

Whether you live in Santa Cruz, Riverside, Orange County, San Diego, or Los Angeles itself you will find that the LA Acro Fest has just the right mix of training, fun, & learning that you seek. One of our biggest goals is to create a curated experience unlike any other festival in the world. This event will have content specifically tied to your experience. Our crew of international & local teachers will be working together to design the best set of unique classes available.