Westside Acro at Laughing Frog Yoga

Laughing Frog Yoga

Reserve your seat for the next Westside Acro class this Friday.

Westside Acro has moved once more. In January of 2018 we moved to 34 North on Lincoln Blvd in Santa Monica.

Prior to this, we operated out of Create Yoga on Santa Monica Blvd in Santa Monica California. Unfortunately, the studio lost their lease at the end of 2017. The operators of Create Yoga were incredibly kind and ran a great business. Sad to see them go.

Westside Acro formerly operated out of Laughing Frog Yoga on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Los Angeles. Due to a change of ownership in the studio, it became clear more positive environments awaited and so in the fall of 2016, after 3+ years of being associated with LFY, Westside Acro moved down the road into Santa Monica at Create Yoga.

Following is, being developed, a full list of classes both from the past which have taken place within the LFY studios. Please keep in mind this series of classes has been held every single week for at least 150 weeks straight. We are trying to get our records in order and present a record of each class but this is a big project given the rare staffing we have…meaning I’m by myself doing this. So be patient.

  • AcroYoga in LA – Training Day October 14, 2016
    AcroYoga in LA - Training Day
    This week we are on for one more week at Westside Acro. Training Day Los Angeles! Our menu will include a whole series of calibrations to make you stronger and more conditioned.
  • AcroYoga in LA – So Much Sitting April 27, 2016
    "So Much Sitting"
    So much sitting up in here. Pelvic floor. Core. So much strength in sitting. How fast can we move in a sit? Where can we go leaning back into it?
  • AcroYoga in LA – Some Rotation April 21, 2016
    "Some Rotation"
    AcroYoga with Chris Filkins “Some Rotation” Friday April 22, 2016 AcroYoga yet again at Westside Acro at Laughing Frog Yoga in West LA. Hard to believe we are still doing this over 3 years after it started but apparently none of us are bored yet. Friday nights in LA deliver some of the best acro in the country. ...
  • AcroYoga in LA – That Fundamental Pop April 8, 2016
    "That Fundamental Pop"
    AcroYoga with Chris Filkins “That Fundamental Pop” Friday April 8, 2016 Chris is back at Westside Acro this week and we are finishing our transition away from the nurturing arms of our studio into more of an independent entity. Things are going to run a tiny bit differently this week but it all should come together nicely. Friday night ...
  • AcroYoga in LA – Between Love & Gasm January 6, 2016
    "Between Love & Gasm"
    Westside Acro is back this week yet again for another installment of intermediate/advanced L basing adventures on the west side of Los Angeles. Come Friday evening at 7:30 to explore your practice in greater depth and with more strength than you thought possible.
  • AcroYoga in LA – Needle Point Washing Machine November 17, 2015
    "Needle Point Washing Machine"
    This week at Westside Acro Chris returns from assisting Lux in his TT just in time to lead an amazing exploration of a brand new washing machine which will blow your mind and change your practice moving forward. This machine was developed originally with some concepts Chris developed with Nick Bower. It continued to be workshopped further with Emily Reuman, Leah Irwin, Kelly Thayer, & Lux Seattleacro. Erica Ancier finally completed the R&D cycle helping to bring these transitions into full needle.
  • AcroYoga in LA – Core Work November 7, 2015
    "Core Work"
    AcroYoga with Chris Filkins “Core Work” Friday November 7, 2015 This week at Westside Acro we will be exploring the core. It’s the foundation of the experience and getting it awake, responsive, and prepared is part of the journey to becoming a successful practitioner. Exploring concepts from several different machines we will break down and assemble a set ...
  • AcroYoga in Los Angeles – Threesomes October 28, 2015
    "AcroYoga w/Kelly & Chris"
    Westside Acro is back with yet another awesome night of AcroYoga instruction and practice! This week Kelly Thayer will be joining Chris in the studio to help lead us through more calibrations and exercises to progressively build your practice.
  • AcroYoga in LA – Stupid Washing Machine October 2, 2015
    "Stupid Washing Machine"
    Westside Acro is back yet again with another round of training on Friday night at Laughing Frog Yoga. This week Ashley Witham & Christopher Filkins will be exploring a machine designed for ballet dancers. But you don't need to be a ballet dancer to do it! It's a really fun and very fast spinning little piece of love which everyone will find great satisfaction in mastering. Our well designed set of calibrations will have you spinning fast and having a blast before the class is over.
  • AcroYoga in Los Angeles – Hanging Out June 12, 2015
    "Hanging Out"
    Westside Acro returns yet again Friday evening as we explore more in the realms of partner movement , calibration, and acroyoga. This week will be a little bit of this and a little bit of that as we explore climbing and hanging in our bodies. Hope you can make it!
  • AcroYoga in Los Angeles – Psychodelic Washing Machine October 24, 2014
    Intermediate flow returns this Friday evening at 730 to Laughing Frog Yoga. This week Leah Manga returns to the studio to work with Chris is breaking down Psychodelic for you. We will cover a full set of calibrations to deepen your practice and understanding of this goofy reverse mono star based machine from Seattle Acro and the Acrogasm crew.
  • AcroYoga in LA – Pass the Flyer Games January 2, 2015
    "Pass the Flyer Games"
    This week at Westside Acro we are going to explore multi-person machines and transitions and play with lots of techniques and notions surrounding pass the flyer in AcroYoga conditioning.