• Open Foot & Modified Open Foot
    Open Foot & Modified Open Foot
  • Bicycle Pusher – A Washing Machine by Chris Filkins
    This lovely piece of work, Bicycle Pusher, I developed back in 2015 based on some bicycle seat work I began developing in 2013. I'm a big fan of these bicycle seat poses. A bicycle seat is a simple name for a mono foot support to the butt crack of a flyer.
  • Bicycle Spinner
    Little thing I have been playing with lately with Leah. I call this bicycle spinner. Leah is the young lady I wrote Scorpion Heart with several years ago. We were separated for a good long time but starting to explore again with each other. So nice to have her back in my life. So emotional these types of partnerships get. I have been thinking a lot about this lately. Such a fascinating topic. How we bond with those whom which we partner. Been thinking a lot about how to speak about these things. I'm sure I will have something else to share on this soon as I never seem to shut up. ? #acrolove #acroyoga #deepmonkeystyle #westsideacro #acro #footjuggling