This is where I post news & developments about my projects. Please contact me if there is something you’d like to discuss in more detail.

  • Strong Flyer – An AcroLove Joint Emily & Chris return once again to offer our particular take on movement and trust at the AcroLove Festival. This time we do strong flyer work.
  • Westside Acro’s 4th Anniversary Bad Acro Mannequin Challenge Westside Acro's 4th Anniversary Bad Acro Mannequin Challenge presented to you by Brian Green, Neil Camaro, Brad Goldman, all the monkeys at Westside Acro and myself. So much fun!
  • Westside Acro Turns 4! A Clumsy Adventure 4 - Westside Acro Turns 4!
  • Class Notes for the Acro Study Group I was asked to contribute to a Facebook group called the Acro Study Group. The premise of the group is to share ideas, lesson plans, video tutorials, and progressions for teachers.
  • AcroYoga in LA – Roots & Leaves Back once again with a renegade master! This week Westside Acro returns with more hard work as we explore rooting down into the ground to foster stability and grow strength.
  • AcroYoga in LA – Reps & Zen Westside Acro is back this week with some new pass the flyer choreos as well as deep training in shoulderstand transitions, more boomarang work, more on spins and maybe, if we have time, a bit of slacker love.
  • AcroYoga in LA – Resolve & Revolve Westside Acro is moving to a new beautiful space just down the street. We are now at Create Yoga at the intersection of 28th Street and Santa Monica Blvd in sunny Santa Monica!
  • AcroYoga in LA – That Chocolate Westside Acro is back once again with a renegade master! This week we continue our work on spinning, calibrations towards more handstands, strong flyer work, and basic badassery!
  • Bicycle Pusher – A Washing Machine by Chris Filkins This lovely piece of work, Bicycle Pusher, I developed back in 2015 based on some bicycle seat work I began developing in 2013. I'm a big fan of these bicycle seat poses. A bicycle seat is a simple name for a mono foot support to the butt crack of a flyer.
  • AcroYoga in LA – Steps Westside Acro is back once again with a renegade master! This week we explore more thuts and balances and flows and break down some fun machines to deepen your practice and grow your awareness. I hope everyone has been working on their homework from the last couple of weeks.