Soft Foot Texas w/ Emily Reuman & Chris Filkins

Soft Foot Austin

Do you find that your acro successes sometimes come so easy it feels like there’s nothing you can’t do? While other times it seems that your plateaus are never-ending and that you’ll never truly get that move you’ve been wanting so badly.

Are you looking for a partner? Have you ever lost a partner? Did they move away? Did they get broken and you had to move on? Did you get broken and they moved on? How much did it hurt? Do you date among your partners? Do you strictly stay away from dating in acro?

Have you been crushed by the shit in your life & you found comfort, joy, & success in your acro practice and community?

Do people ask you to teach them moves? How often do you ask others to teach you something?

Do you feel comfortable on the edges watching all of the people you wish to work with busy with others?

Have you pretended you know how to do a mov you really didn’t?

Have you hurt yourself practicing? Has someone hurt you? Did you forgive yourself? Did they forgive you?

Why did you stop practicing? Why did you start again?

How long were you in the practice before you paid someone to show you how to do something? Do you see a relation between jams, classes, & workshops?

Softfoot is a theory & a practice which says that being receptive, soft, and giving is the key to a long healthy practice in spirit, mind, & body. Please come to our first ever event held in Austin where we will share many loving & fun movements which will deepen your practice. We will seek answers to these questions & more. The early bird pricing is about to end. I’d like to see you there and learn about your practice. Please come!