Taking A Concussion Break

I’ve been leading Friday night classes at Westside Acro for the last 6.5 years. During that time we’ve moved, trained, and sweated together as a community. When I started there were maybe 30 or 40 people in the community who were active in AcroYoga here in Los Angeles. Today there are well over 1,000. In one real sense, my goal of building an army of bases has been accomplished here in the LA area. When I go to the jams these days I can see my students and former students everywhere practicing in a safe, & consent-based manner. The skill level has risen to tremendous levels over the past 16 years since my own practice started the year in Santa Monica. I’m quite happy about all of this development and have been honored to be involved.

After approximately 325 classes of this series, this week will be my last Friday evening Westside Acro class for a while. I’m taking a well-deserved break. As some of you know I was recently concussed. This entire experience has been a massive heartbreak. I need to rest a bit and recharge my reserves. In a few weeks, or months, the Friday night class will resume. I’ll be moving the class to another location in Culver City after the new space is ready and I have had a chance to rest a bit.

If you have purchased classes in 5 packs they will still be honored once the Friday night class resumes. But I hope you will come this week, Friday evening June 7th at 8 PM at 34 North on Lincoln Blvd in Santa Monica.

The address is: 34 North, 2723 Lincoln Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405