Emily Reuman & Chris Filkins Teach Dutch Icarian at AcroLove World

AcroLove World Festival 2019

Well, that’s a wrap as they say. So much fun!

I haven’t been to Portland for the Divine Play AcroYoga Festival in 4 years. 2018 was the last year that AcroYoga International hosted the event. This year it has been taken over by Lizzy Tomber & Josh Young of Acro Revolution and rebranded as AcroLove World. I was a tad nervous about coming back to it. I have long had a challenging relationship with this event in Portland. But it turned out to be the most successful festival I have attended.

Emily and I have been working towards this event for months. Back a couple of years back I met Esmerelda Nikolajeff from Cirkus Cirkör through Ethan Law.

june, 2024