AcroYoga with Chris Filkins


I teach an adagio practice often called AcroYoga. I teach intermediate and advanced students in circus or solar machines, transitions, & poses. I lead the Westside Acro project originating out of the Original Muscle Beach which seeks to provide year round access to high levels of progressive training for students of the practice in Southern California. Many of the leading teachers from throughout the world have come to share their passions and skills with us at Westside Acro. I like to think the Los Angeles kula has been greatly strengthened by my tireless work.

Chris Filkins is known as an indispensable base throughout Southern California. He has developed into a vital teacher, innovator, and performer in his own right. Here are a few of the videos which he has produced.

Insanity a meditation with Eve Modens.

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Croc Copter & Rubik’s Cube a reunion of sorts with Ahni Radvanyi.

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Scorpion Heart & Margarita Mix tons of fun with Ashley Witham.

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