AcroYoga in LA - That Chocolate

AcroYoga in LA – That Chocolate

AcroYoga with Chris Filkins

“That Chocolate”

Friday October 28, 2016

Westside Acro is back once again with a renegade master! This week we continue our work on spinning, calibrations towards more handstands, strong flyer work, and basic badassery!

Please come prepared to work hard and laugh hard and share in a powerful practice designed to give you a long healthy and happy life. We work progressively to make the most difficult moves possible and attainable. While this class is designed towards the needs of the intermediate and advanced among us it should not be intimidating as we break things down into such small pieces that everyone can achieve success and learn more about themselves, their bodies, and their relationships.

Bring your own sweet self, a mat if you got one, close fitting clothing that is not slippery or has stuff hanging off of it, water for your hydration, and a partner if you got em. But don’t worry if you don’t as we got lots! Everything we do is based on spotting which means we work in 3’s so you can come by yourself or with your partner or even with a whole crew. We support existing partnerships and will never ask anyone to split from their partners. By the same token we know each of us are enriched in our practices by working with different partners so every effort is made to create new and fun ways to work in larger groups. Oh and bring your smiles! We need all we can get!

We’ve moved to a new studio at Create Yoga in Santa Monica! This wonderful space has been very supportive and is full of lovely people. Selah, Marissa, & Jenn are wonderful to work with and very receptive to collaboration. The Westside Acro community pledges to maintain a safe, clean, & responsible shift when we use the studios at Create Yoga. Please do your part.

Be sure to arrive at 745 and please be quiet and respectful as the prior class will just be ending. We monkeys may be loud and rambunctious bunch but we are also respectful of our hosts.

Also please be sure to check in with Malaika when you arrive so we can get started asap. As you know we always have lots of content to explore and the faster we can all get checked in the better for everyone. Please use this link to check in prior and reserve your seat.

Physical Address is :

2828 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Further opportunities to train with Chris Filkins…

may, 2024