AcroYoga Flows w/ Chris Filkins

AcroYoga Flows

  • Bicycle Pusher – A Washing Machine by Chris Filkins
    This lovely piece of work, Bicycle Pusher, I developed back in 2015 based on some bicycle seat work I began developing in 2013. I'm a big fan of these bicycle seat poses. A bicycle seat is a simple name for a mono foot support to the butt crack of a flyer.
  • IgNight Conference 2016
    AcroYoga with Chris Filkins “IgNight Conference” Friday June 17-19, 2016 I will be sharing my passions at the IgNight Conference on June 17th-19th at the Joshua Tree Resort Center. Stay tuned for more details.
  • Insanity
    Insanity was shot with Eve Modens in Black Rock City in August of 2014. I conceived, directed and edited the piece with an excerpt of the song GIF RIFF by Millie & Andrea.
  • Flow Like Butter
    Flow Like Butter with Chris Filkins & Emily Reuman. Both are available for private instruction, workshop instruction, & for hire for performance. Visit Simple Wheel for more details. Please like the video and subscribe to my channel for more videos of my AcroYoga practice. - Chris
  • Monkey Nut
    Chantal Therrien & Chris Filkins share some of their collaboration from the spring of 2014. Chris & Chantal met, taught a class together featuring a handsfree 4 step, and then proceeded to spend at least 25 hours together creating, communicating, developing a friendship, and exploring some basic yoga and how it applies to each of their acro practices. Much of the footage was lost but remnants exist. All of this is a work in progress. We put together about 15 minutes of choreography but didn't have much time to refine it. Sadly most of this material was lost due to a hard drive failure. Maybe someday all the pieces can be stitched back together again. Until then we have this. Hope you like!
  • AcroLove Wanderlust Flow 2013
    Chris Filkins & Ahni Radvanyi celebrate 2 years of their Acro Love partnership in this highlight reel from their acrobatic performances at Wanderlust 2013 in Lake Tahoe. Music by Midwest Product. Cinematography by Marco Antonelli. Produced, directed, and edited by Chris Filkins.
  • People Doing People Things Ep. 5 – Acro Love
    Today me and my buddy Adam(Rick Ross) went out and filmed Christopher Filkins and Ahni Radvanyi doing what they love up in the lovely Malibu canyons. Music By Glasser - Tremel (Jamie xx Remix)