Naked AcroYoga in Los Angeles

Naked Acrobatic Yoga

I teach private and semi-private master classes in AcroYoga performed in the nude. Naked AcroYoga! My goal is to produce a safe, non-sexual, learning environment for the further exploration of this practice. I do this for a number of reasons.

  • As a general rule I am confident that clothes contribute to racist & classist impulses in our society. People use clothes and fashion to enforce behaviors and beliefs about the body which I find appalling. My greatest gift is my body. As is yours.
  • Playing with Naked AcroYoga makes you a better practitioner. It is far too easy as a base to not pay as much attention as you should to foot placement when the flyer is wearing clothes. You must be precise and careful in your steps to be a safe & comfortable base and there is no better way to learn that than nude. I have found great success in teaching people how to find the best possible poses for each body by leading naked explorations of acrobatic yoga.
  • The intimacy that is normally found in clothed AcroYoga is enhanced by the lack of clothing. Breathing together becomes easier. As the newness of the experience fades the practitioner comes to a greater familiarity of the body. The rhythms of both movement and conditioning. There is farting, periodic erections, queefing, and general body sweatiness. You must learn to be vulnerable to do this. And the result is a benefit to your overall health and wellness.

Naked AcroYoga

If you are interested in learning with me here are some things to keep in mind.

  • I normally teach beginners by myself. I am confident I can provide all the basing and flying skill needed to provide a safe learning environment for you.
  • However, I understand that everyone has different levels of comfort, so I am able to provide the environment you need by bringing assistants of either gender with me. If you feel comfortable with another woman present I can present a woman who will assist me. If you feel comfortable with another man present I can bring a male assistant. You must pay more for your AcroYoga master class if you ask that I bring an assistant.

Here’s an interesting link to Naked Yoga in LA I just found. Interesting. Perhaps they’ll have naked AcroYoga?

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