Roue Cyr – Opportunities to Learn & Train

I regularly provide private instruction in the roue Cyr – also called the Cyr wheel, simple wheel, or mono wheel – in various locations around Santa Monica California. I was the first person to bring a wheel into California and have over the last 7 years taught many of the best spinners in the country. Students regularly fly to me here in Southern California from all over the country and world to work with me. I have a large complement of wheels in my quiver and often provide wheels for my students wishing to experience the Cyr wheel for the first time without investing over a thousand dollars to own one.

$130 per 1.5 hours of private instruction
Purchase 1 hour at $100.

Purchase 6 hours for $500.

Purchase online coaching. $180/month. 4 30 minute consults, video analysis, customized challenges

Multi-person classes available depending on participants’ heights.