Counter Balances

  • Standing on the Hip Bone
    @orkah balances on my hip bone. I have been exploring this space for over a year with several different partners. Today was the first time I took the mounting foot away. This starts as a side star. Or is using his toe to dig into my psoas while the ball of his foot is resting on my iliac crest. It's really an amazing feeling. When we hit it correctly it feels like an amazing psoas massage. It's very intense the way a good massage is but not too intense. If we are off by any amount at all we either can't hold the pose or I am in tremendous pain. But there is one spot where everything can be balanced and the fun begins. I first began exploring this with @eveinmotion several months ago and have learned more and more about it every time I explore it. Next our wonderful spotter @korandkarma will no longer be in the picture. Then one of my hand supports will go away and it will become a two point of contact pose. Wonder if it can become a simple toe point? Can a ballet dancer balance perfectly on the iliac crest? Can anyone? What a trip. I can't believe I geek out on such stuff. What a crazy life I have created for myself. Today was such a great day! So much love! #deepmonkeystyle #omb #brachiator #pose #balletdancer #westsideacro #yoga #yogateacher #acro #acrolove #acroyoga
  • Heart Shaped Box
    Nick had this idea. It was good! I wasn't able to push to the top. But I got close and will keep working it. Such a fun and talented collaborator Nick is. I am so fortunate to have such a great partner in this in @nicksuspended. Looking forward to more! ❤️??#yogateacher #yoga #acroyoga #yogaeverydamnday #acro #balance #beastmode #OMB #westsideacro #deepmonkeystyle #fitfam #socalyogis