A Clumsy Adventure 4 - Westside Acro Turns 4!

Westside Acro Turns 4!

Westside Acro has been going strong for 4 years now. In that time we have played host to over 50 of the most talented monkey teachers in the world and during that time around 500 individuals have set it down to take it in with us and move in our Friday night exploration.

Huge downloads of information and body movement know-how how been received in this community through our collective efforts at creating a community class demanding work and skill and learning. While I play the host and guide most often our success and growth as a learning community is because of all the folks who see this as a way to build community and skill together.

This year to celebrate our renewal, like last year when Jason Nemer, Kelly Thayer, Koya Webb, & Whakapaingia Luke appeared, with a roster of guest teachers and experiences brought by them.

Angela Kukhahn is an internationally known yoga teacher and a complete bad ass student of acro at Westside. She’s going to lead us through a proper yoga sequence to get our bodies warmed and running hot. This woman is incredibly knowledgable and constantly searching to learn more. She has taken an interest in acro and dove head first. It’s an honor to have her sharing with us for our fourth anniversary.

Jon Rea was one of the first students at Westside Acro and has gone on to become one of the strongest practitioners in our community and is known throughout the world for his work. He’s becoming an incredible man and I am so proud of him. He’s going to give us 45 minutes of some great progressions into some icarian giggle fits and fun.

Kayna Grace & Dominick Cole are going to offer up some of their unique take on intimacy and how acro can be a tool for enhancing your partnerships both in and out of the monkey time! Dominick is, I think, one of the most talented bases and flyers in our community. He’s got a soft touch with his feet and his imagination is solidly tied into a finely tuned sense of gravity and the way that bodies move in space. Kay is a therapist dealing with issues of intimacy and the body and is a subtle and receptive negotiator of boundaries. Her insights coupled with the vocabulary of acro will prove to be a great addition to our collective knowledge.

Local hero Diane Klein will be providing baked goods. Kip Morrison intends to bring some tinctures (I think). Boochcraft of San Diego will be providing some alcoholic kombucha for when the movement is done. Harmless Harvest will be providing us with some yummy cocoanut water.

And I will be presiding over it all as your hapless MC.

Following our 3 pop-up classes we will be creating the world’s first bad acro mannequin challenge, led by stalwart and multi-talented Brian Green. And then we jam until we decide to close up shop.

It’s gonna be good. Hope you can come!

This event is free!

Please thank the good folks at Create Yoga Space for their kindness in providing the space. Go to their Yelp page and give them a good review. Attend their classes and see what a wonderful studio they have built and the excellent teachers they have enlisted.

I will make available the option for attendees to donate towards buying additional mats for our Friday night classes. Donation will not be required in any way but it would be really helpful to continue enlarging our matted floor space if folks can pitch in a bit.

Please bring water for hydration, a mat, tight fitting easy to move in clothing, and your sweet self!

Address is

Create Yoga
2828 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404